1-4-1 Establishment of the Office

The Colville Business Council, exercising its powers under the Constitution of the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation to protect and conserve the sovereignty and resources of the Tribes hereby establishes the Office of the Reservation Attorney (ORA) as a branch of the government of the Tribes. ORA shall be Chief Legal Counsel and Attorneys General to the Tribes.

1-4-2 Client Relationship and Supervision

The Office of the Reservation Attorney shall be the chief legal counsel to the Tribes and shall report directly to and shall be supervised and directed by the Colville Business Council and the statutes, laws, regulations, ordinances and resolutions adopted by the Council. The Colville Business Council shall be the principal client of the ORA and the ORA may, by direction in written resolution of the Colville Business Council, represent agencies, instrumentalities, and arms of the Tribes and other persons or entities.

1-4-3 Employment and Termination

Attorneys employed in the Office will be employed by the Colville Business Council under a contract as required by 25 U.S.C. '' 81 and 82, approved where necessary by the secretary of the Interior or the designee of the Secretary, and shall be terminated from employment, where necessary, under provisions set out in the contract. No attorney shall be employed in the Office as an attorney who has not been admitted to practice before the courts of the Tribes.

1-4-4 Terms of Employment

The terms of employment for attorneys in the ORA shall be as set out in the federally approved contract between the Colville Business Council and the attorneys. The contract shall set out the compensation, benefits, and other terms of employment and shall not be in conflict with the laws of the Tribes or the United States.

1-4-5 Representation of The Tribes - Sovereign Immunities

The ORA shall be entitled to represent the Tribes before all courts and agencies of any government; but shall not be entitled in any circumstance, without written resolution or statute enacted by the Colville Business Council, to waive the sovereign immunity of the Tribes' or any tribal entity.

1-4-6 Officers of the Tribes - Immunities

Attorneys employed in the ORA shall be officers of the Tribes and, when acting in their official capacities, shall have all the immunities of officers of the Tribes.

Chapter 1-4, Adopted 09/21/89, Certified 10/02/89, Res. 1989-705